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Beijing Baofengchun Petroleum Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company that develops and produces various chemical additives for well stimulation in fracturing, acidizing, acid fracturing and unconventional shale gas in oil fields. It is a specialized production company with relatively large scale in the industry of China.  It enjoys more than ten years of history in production and operation. Its main products include dozens of chemical products like drag reducer for unconventional purpose, high-efficiency active agent, polyquaternium clay stabilizer, crude oil viscosity reducer and pour point depressant, demulsify-cleanup additive, high temperature acidizing corrosion inhibitor, bactericide, fracturing cross-linking agent, ferric ion stabilizer and acid thickener. The products are mainly sold to offshore oil field, Huabei oil field, Zhongyuan oil field, Liaohe oil field, Jilin oil field, Xinjiang oil field, Sichuan oil field, Daqing oil field, Jianghan oil field and others. The quality of products and technical services have been well received by users.
        By keeping close cooperation with Chinese Academy of Sciences, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development and its Langfang Branch and other scientific research units, it has completed the sand fracturing and acid fracturing process for many oil wells, gas wells and unconventional shale gas wells in major oil fields across the country; through tracking construction and service on the site in the whole process, it has achieved very good results. Also, our company has invested in Beijing Stimlab Key Laboratory to provide a favorable guarantee for research of sand fracturing and acid fracturing for oil wells, gas wells and unconventional shale gas wells, comprehensive design, technology and service and product testing. Especially, the new products-slick water, gel and other fracturing fluid systems-developed by our company have been widely used in  large-scale staged fracturing in the field of unconventional shale gas, including Jiaoshiba, Wulong, Shuijiang, Changning and Weiyuan. It has made a major contribution to the stimulation of oil and gas fields.

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